Out of the Lime Light

The Nokia Discovery China driving adventure was the result of my search for a topic for a second book. (The first, On the Road, can be found on www.ontheroadeditions.com.) I knew I wanted my next book to be related to my passion, driving adventures. I also knew I wanted it to be about China since China has been my home for the past fourteen years. More specifically, I wanted to write about the many wonderful people I've had the good fortune of meeting during all these years. I felt that the news headlines and even many books reflected a one-sided and mostly disconcerting view of China. What's more, I felt that this negative tenor covered up the kindness of the majority of the people that make up the modern Middle Kingdom. I wanted to write a book which would take as its subject the everyday men, women and children of this country, and to write about them in a light-hearted, good-read fashion.

Now that this amazing road trip is behind me, I'm working on a book proposal:

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While I work on this, feel free to read the following essays about some of the adventures I've had on and off the roads of China while preparing for What do you do when it rains?.

  • Read PDF Version of  17 Percent OxygenRead HTML Version of  17 Percent Oxygen17 Percent Oxygen
  • Read PDF Version of  Remember the SiciliansRead HTML Version of  Remember the SiciliansRemember the Sicilians
  • Read PDF Version of  The Day America Invades IranRead HTML Version of  The Day America Invades IranThe Day America Invades Iran
  • Read PDF Version of  Up-SaleRead HTML Version of  Up-SaleUp-Sale


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