A Little Something

During this “driving holiday”, Miss Daisy's body collected signatures of the people I met. In September 2007, Miss Daisy was auctioned off at a gala charity dinner for the benefit of the China Youth Development Foundation (www.cydf.org.cn CYDF).  The dinner was hosted by Mr. Yao Ming, the Chinese giant who is a star player in the NBA.  Miss Daisy was acquired by a Mr. Lu Hao, the Commercial Manager of Mr. Yao Ming. Nokia has donated the proceeds of nearly RMB650,000 to the CYDF. In a heart-warming twist, Mr. Lu Hao went on to donate Miss Daisy to the CYDF as well such that they could use her as a crowd-pleaser in future fund-raising activities.

But the story doesn't end here, now CYDF is planning an online auction of Miss Daisy to raise further funds...stay tuned to find out who will end up becoming Miss Daisy's new owner.


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